Recommendation for GUI/OpenGL (or similar 3D functionality) environment

jc NOSPAMjcampbel at
Sun Jul 18 07:51:35 CEST 2004

I am pretty new to Python but am thrilled with its elegant syntax, 
style, efficiency...

I want to use Python for database query device that can also display
3D objects (up to several thousand, small primitives (more like 
specks)but with some alpha channel control)
on a 3D Cartesian volume.  I guess in simple terms a 3D window embedded 
in a DB query device.

I have looked at Boa Constructor, PyhtonCard, Tkinter, a bunch of others 
and the choices can get pretty bewildering!

Could I get some recommendations on a GUI environment that can do what I 
stated above but is the 'easiest'.

I'm willing to spend some time learning but would prefer to stick to the 
one 'best' decision.

Other important points would be how robust the system is, how good is 
the documentation, is it maintained regularly, etc.
I am on WinXP.

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