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Tue Jul 13 16:50:08 CEST 2004

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Gerhard Häring  <gh at> wrote:
>Ed Leafe wrote:
>>     I'm using Python for my database work, and need to be able to 
>> connect to various servers, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and 
>> others. There are a number of adapters available for each of these, but 
>> I run into the same problem with all: I need to have that database 
>> server installed on the machine for which I need to build the adapter. 
>> Since my development work is done on a workstation and not a server, 
>> this causes a problem. [...]
>That's not true. You have to have the include files and libraries installed.
>>     How do I accomplish this? How can I build, say, psycopg so that I 
>> can connect from my dev machine to a server that's on another host 
>> somewhere on the internet?
>You'll need the PostgreSQL development files (on Debian: pgsql-devel) 

AFAICT this is not true.  For example, I have some Windows machines without
any postgresql content at all, connecting to my Linux server via psycopg.
Can't say what might be needed for other DBs.  I'm a little less sure about
Linux clients, but I thing the same thing applies.  The Windows machines
are running binaries compiled elsewhere, simply downloaded and installed.
Linux clients (and server) are running Debian, so that's even easier.
Of course, if you need to develop/run 'C' DB functions (though this would be
on your server), then the server will need the development files.

>Plus, for psycopg, the mxDateTime header files.

This is true.

Federico Gregorio has done a great job with psycopg.



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