[ANNOUNCE] PDFMap v2.00 is out

Jerome Alet alet at unice.fr
Tue Jul 27 15:23:04 CEST 2004

I'm pleased to announce that PDFMap v2.00 is out.

PDFMap is a Python written utility which helps produce very high quality
maps in the PDF format and place reactive objects on them : when viewed in
Adobe Acrobat Reader or recent versions of xpdf, the objects are clickable
and can provide instant feedback to any web based application of your
choice, provided you feed PDFMap with correct datas.

PDFMap is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL License.

PDFMap is a usable either as a command line tool, as a CGI script, or as a
Python module.

Learn more about this software, see demos, or download it, from :


Thank you for reading.

Jerome Alet

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