Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jul 15 16:17:52 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:

>>>>>>"Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Langner <wl at> writes:
>     Wolfgang> I think the project is very activ:
>     Wolfgang> pydev	0.5, the katzenmeyer kids  	July 12, 2004
>     Wolfgang> if the developer is losing interest, he does it on a
>     Wolfgang> very hight level. :-)
> Apparently he's "finishing" it.
> From :
> Future My plans for the future are: 
[snip plans]

Actually, it's nice to see that the developer has an exit
strategy.  Sounds like one of the more promising projects
on SourceForge from that statement alone...  too many
people (myself included) start projects there without the
slightest plan for the future, including how to hand it off
when we get tired and need to move on.

Just because the one who initiated it has plans to leave,
at some not clearly defined point in the future, doesn't
mean the project will fail.  It just means the fellow is
realistic and has good experience in open source dev...


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