lisp is winner in DOM parsing contest! 8-]

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Mon Jul 12 14:05:39 CEST 2004

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 >> For example, there are approaches which can read in the document
 >> incrementally (and I'm not just talking SAX here), rather than read
 >> the whole thing at once.

 PR> Rather than either reading incrementally or else slurping in the
 PR> entire document in many-noded glory, I wonder if anyone's
 PR> implemented a parser that scans over the XML doc and makes a compact
 PR> sequential representation of the tree structure, and then provides
 PR> access methods that let you traverse the tree as if it were a real
 PR> DOM, by fetching the appropriate strings from the (probably mmap'ed)
 PR> disk file as you walk around in the tree.

that would be nice.. i remember i've did something like this for one binary
chunky format - thingie avoided allocating new memory as long as possible..

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