Probable Pywin32 (win32com.client) bug??

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Jul 19 01:54:00 CEST 2004

neblackcat wrote:

> Ok thanks! I've attached the full code below.

As I mentioned in private mail, I too see this crash, but the debugger 
shows it deep in CDO with no evidence of Python contributing.  This 
isn't to say it is not a bug in pythoncom, but given the fairly broad 
number of applications we work well with, there isn't much I can do 
other than to call it a possible CDO bug.  Even though it works with VB, 
Python and VB are sufficiently different that Python may be exercising a 
CDO code path that is rarely hit, and therefore rarely seen. 
Unfortunately, the same may also be true in reverse.


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