Replacement for locals() ???

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sat Jul 31 13:35:28 CEST 2004

Harald Massa wrote:
> Terry,
>>>So two of the greatest PythonBrains have problems in optimizing
>>>Python because of locals(), the most common usage of Python in my
>>>practice is peripheral; so just by way of precaution I am looking for
>>>r eplacement.
>>I suspect you are very prematurely optimizing.  Since you are filling
>>out SQL statements, I would expect that your bottlenecks are and will
>>be the execution of the statements, and not the construction of the
> you are partially right. I do not have ANY performance problems in that
> Python code. Most of the time the program is either waiting for a
> COM-Server, a database-Server or user-typing. 
> As Skip stated: using locals() prevents the EASY use of psyco.  
> (import psyco; psyco full

Ok, I see. Note that the EASY use is almost always much slower
than a partial, controlled usage of Psyco, for non-trivial

The bad thing about locals() is that it simply goes wrong
with Psyco. I think it would be nicer if psyco would
simply refuse optimization in this case and leave things intact.

There are some constructs which just disable Psyco: If the
code contains certain opcodes, Psyco will not touch the whole
function. Examples are:

- generators: an existing yield disables Psyco for the func
- usage of nested scopes.

On the scopes case: If you have a construct like this:

def outer():
     something = 42
     def inner():
         print something

Then both outer and inner will contain opcodes which disable
Psyco from touching things at all.
So if you can manage to inject such a construct, your locals
will be fine with Psyco.full().

Anyway, I think we should hint Armin (the other one) to
change the locals behavior to disable Psyco.

ciao - chris

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