Ed Leafe ed at
Thu Jul 15 03:13:11 CEST 2004

On Jul 14, 2004, at 6:22 PM, Peter Milliken wrote:

> These are just some of the reasons I use Emacs. What features of *your*
> editor attracted you? How does it help you with writing Python code 
> (the
> intent after all of this news group :-)). Does your editor have a 
> feature
> that I have not listed above and yet you consider it *essential* (or at
> least very handy :-)) in your generation of Python code?

	I develop on multiple platforms, but only have an OS X machine in my 
office. My other systems are accessible via ssh, vnc and RemoteDesktop.

	I use BBEdit, the venerable text editor for the Mac. Yeah, it has all 
the usual stuff that many other editors have, but the one thing I find 
indespensible (being lazy and all) is a plug-in called 
'BBAutoComplete'. In a nutshell, it keeps track of *every* word you've 
written in *every* open editor window, and will auto-complete 
*anything*. Pressing its hotkey cycles through all potential matches, 
starting with the most recent word that begins with what you've typed.

	For a lazy person like me, it's amazingly valuable. I find myself 
hitting the hotkey in other editors and even when composing mail 
messages such as this. I even do a lot of my Visual FoxPro coding in 
BBEdit now, even though it doesn't have syntax coloring for it.

  Ed Leafe

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