VB(ish) replacement

Dave Boland NOSPAMdboland9 at stny.rr.com
Tue Jul 20 18:58:13 CEST 2004

The other day I was asked if there is an open source replacement for VB6 
that is cross-platform.  I spent a little bit of time at Barnes-Noble 
and looking at news groups, but don't have a good answer.  Hope you can 
help without geting into a language war.  These will be for commercial 
applications with a GUI.

What they seem to be looking for is:
1. High level language, but not necessarly VB compatible.
2. OOP
3. Reasonalble learning curve
4. Cross-platform
5. IDE and ability to graphically design windows.
6. Distribute programs as .exe's, so some sort of compiler needed.
7. Serial communications library (RS-232, 485, USB)
8. SNMP library
9. Good performance (not expected to be as fast as C/C++)
10. Windows are native to each O.S.
11. Database support of Access and MySQL

It looks like any of the three languages have most or all of what they 
need, but I don't use scripting languages enough to give a good answer.


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