record sound with python

Jesper Olsen jolsen at
Wed Jul 28 11:38:09 CEST 2004

"Olivier Ravard" <olivier.ravard at> wrote in message news:<ce2e92$s3o$1 at>...
> Hi everybody,
> What is the best way to record sound from the sound card with
> python ?
> The method I am looking for must but portable. Actually, I use
> snack tk package, but is there a best way ?
> Thanks
> O.R.

The standard library has no platform independent support for sound

Snack is very easy to use, so if it fits your requirements I would not
look for anything else.

The main issue with Snack - at least last time I checked - is that the
python bindings do not make it easy to access the audio samples in
time as they are streaming. You have to use tk for this.

The portaudio package which was mentioned in another reply is
quality also, and relatively easy to use.
Portaudio itself is portable by design, and has been used on a large
number of platforms.
The python bindings may be less portable - I have not used them.



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