Prothon 0.1.2 is getting close to Alpha [Prothon]

Mark Hahn mark at
Tue Jul 13 20:21:51 CEST 2004

Ben wrote:

> Could it not be done in a similar manner to LunaticPython
> (, only slightly more
> integrated, so that method calls on prothon objects are simply
> forwarded to the equivalent python calls? It should be possible to
> write a forwarding proxy, I was just wondering about the import hooks
> part, so that if a .py file is found instead of a .pr, the proxying
> can be invoked.
> Anyway, its not that important. Just a suggestion I had.

Something like that could be done.  You would end up with both interpreters
running side by side.  I'm not exactly sure what that would buy you.

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