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Byron DesertLinux at
Thu Jul 22 01:27:38 CEST 2004

Have an icon that you would like to share?

I agree, Python is an excellent language.  I just wish that more 
companies would give it a more serious look.

Probably, the main source of resistance is the fact that the makers of 
Python do not provide a free, RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool 
that allows users to quickly and easily build GUIs visually, such as 
Java's Netbeans (  Most programmers like an 
easy-to-use RAD that allows users to quickly and easily develop GUI 
applications.  Unfortunately, until Python is able to strongly compete 
in this area, most companies will continue to only believe that Python 
is mostly a cute scripting tool.


Michael Scarlett wrote:

> I was just thinking that we should get a new icon for Python. Its such
> an amzing effective language, and I know it sounds silly, but I can't
> help but think that one of the reasons it hasn't surpassed JAVA or at
> least taken more seriouly than it is now - is because of the dorky
> looking .py icon.
> We need a icon that reflects python. Robust, flexible and Effective.
> Something that says "we get the job done right and the code is tight".
> Eat that!!
> Anybody else think GVR and the PSF should put that in the next
> release? I know it sounds silly. but I'm kinda tired of Python being
> taken too lightly. Python rules. applications like ZOPE, Mailman and
> BitTorrent are proving that. Let's step it up a notch any how we can.
> ---BitShadow

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