Win32 extensions no go on Win 95

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jul 8 12:20:23 CEST 2004

| Over the last days I desperately tried to install Python 2.3.4 and the
| Win32 extensions on a Win 95 box (actually more than 1, but my futile
| trying was done on just one).

Entirely non-authoritative answer:

1) I believe the core Python stuff should install on any Win9x. Haven't
   tried it, but I don't recall any complaints that you couldn't. (Although
   how many people would have tried?)

2) I seem to remebmerthat Mark Hammond (author of pywin32) stated a little
   while back that he could no longer sustain compatibility
   for Win95. Should be possible to install / build older pywin32
   versions from Mark's Python homepage:


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