[ANNOUNCE] PyKota v1.19 Final is out !

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Wed Jul 28 18:36:05 CEST 2004


I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of PyKota v1.19 

PyKota is a GPLed print quota and accounting software for CUPS and 
LPRng written in the Python language. 

This software can store its datas either in LDAP or in a PostgreSQL 
database, and features both hardware and software accounting.

Hardware accounting supports SNMP, PJL, Netatalk, or any other 
method you may create yourself.

Software accounting natively supports PostScript, PDF, PCL5 and 
PCLXL (aka PCL6), but here too you can use your own accounting 
software if you prefer.

In fact its great extensibility allows you to plug your own software 
at most strategic points, giving an unprecedented versatility. 

PyKota is available either in the form of 20 US$ yearly 
subscriptions to Official packages (tarballs, .rpm and .deb), or for 
no fee through the use of CVS. 

Learn more about PyKota or download it from :


List of changes in 1.19 compared to 1.18 :

  - LPRng support rewrite : hardware accounting is now done
    immediately, just as with CUPS.
  - CUPS support's mainloop rewrite : no more 99% CPU usage troubles.
  - Software accounting now supports PostScript (DSC compliant and 
    binary), PDF, PCL5, PCL6 (aka PCLXL). A new command line tool
    is introduced (pkpgcounter), which can be used independantly
    if needed (PyKota has to be installed though, but no config
    is necessary).
  - Strict enforcement of quota is now supported : if activated  
    (not the default), people can't be over quota anymore.
  - Easier configuration. Saner defaults. Improved configuration
    helper for CUPS (pkhint).
  - Configurable call-home-on-crash feature to automate bug/problem
    reporting to author and/or admin and/or whoever you want.
  - Improved web based reports.
  - More versatile LDAP specific configuration directives.
  - More datas saved in the database :
    printer text description, history of payments, job size
    in bytes, job originating hostname.
  - X Window Print Quota reminder using On Screen Display (pykosd).
  - Better dispatching of error or informational messages.
  - Thai and Greek translation added.
  - Swedish translation is now installed correctly. 
  - Improved documentation (a bit).
  - Improved overall robustness.
  - Usual bugfixes.
  - Experimental Debian package is now available to subscribers.
  - PyKota stuff (T-Shirts, Bags, Mousepads...) can now be bought
    from http://www.cafeshops.com/pykota so you can spread the
    word about this (great) software.
  - Online polls are now available on PyKota's website. They help
    to make PyKota better suit YOUR needs : just feed them.
This release couldn't have been made without the help of several 
people who contributed their time to test, debug, enhance or 
translate this software or its documentation. In particular I'm glad 
to publicly thank the following people : 

        - Matt Hyclak
        - Simo Sorce
        - Ryan Suarez
        - Michele Baldessari
        - Sergio Gonzalez Gonzalez
        - Suthep Yonpimai
        - Jurandy Martins
        - Spyros Melissovas
        - Stefan Wold

for their invaluable help.

And of course I don't want to forget the several people who sent 
contributions in the form of money : Thanks a lot ! This is really 
appreciated ! 

Plans for the future :        

  - Powerful data dumper to export datas in any format
    (xml, csv, sql, ldif, etc...) useable either through
    the web or from the command line : this will allow
    easier than ever reports creation with the tools of
    your choice.
  - Versatile banner generation and accounting.
  - Improved web based tools, notably introduction
    of a web based management tool.
  - Ink coverage accounting ala PrintBill.
Comments are very much welcome.  

Thank you for reading.

Jerome Alet

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