Status of PEPs?

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Sat Jul 10 06:34:38 CEST 2004

> Just for the record, I actually started with a lot of help
> from Tim Peters, and then Eric Price moved it forward quite a bit before
> Facundo picked it up.  I don't care that much about the credit for me,
> but I think it's important to remember that Open Source projects are
> usually the result of collaboration from many people.

That's right.  There's no way this module could have gotten in to 2.4
if any one of Aahz, Eric Price, Facundo Batista, or Raymond Hettinger
hadn't contributed major effort to pushing it through its development
phases -- or if IBM's Mike Cowlishaw hadn't devoted years to studying
the issues and crafting a complete, coherent standard for decimal
arithmetic, then made it and extensive test vectors freely available
over the web.  It could well have made it without me -- but it would
have sucked then <wink>.

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