TIFF Image conversion

Larry Bates lbates at swamisoft.com
Mon Jul 12 17:03:58 CEST 2004

I think you could use netpbm to do the conversion.


I use it for a lot of my TIFF-work that PIL just
doesn't yet support.  Wrap a function/class around
an os.system() call to execute it if you want to
call from Python.

Larry Bates
Syscon, Inc.

"alastair" <ally_burnett at yahoo.co.uk> wrote in message
news:23ae7099.0407120657.2110b42c at posting.google.com...
> Hi,
> I need to convert a 24-bit RGB TIFF image to an 8-bit RGB TIFF image.
> I've tried using PIL and the convert() method - this allowed me to
> convert to an 8-bit grayscale image, close but not exactly what I need
> :(
> From what I've read, it doesn't look like I can do what I need in PIL.
> Does anyone know of another method ?
> Thanks,
> Alastair.

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