Python.h No such file...

Steve Doody sd at
Tue Jul 27 03:41:44 CEST 2004

When I add #include <Python.h> to a
header file, GCC tells me, No such file or directory.

Am trying to learn how to combine C++ and Python.
Using SuSE 9.0 Linux, 2.4.21-231-default
GCC 3.3.1
Python 2.3.4 (Just built on the box successfully)

My problem is is probably because I am
ignorant of correct GCC setup and config for Python.
I am using the default SuSE GCC setup unchanged.

I installed Python from source to /usr/local/Python-2.3.4/
The Include directory, and everything else, is there.

I have hunted through the info docs, particularly GCC, but cannot see
where I change the config to fix this...?

Tried specifying the full path, #include ".../Python.h"
but then lots of related stuff breaks cos its not found...

The compile is a simple/test exercise
and works without the Python.h header line.

Posted this first to the comp.lang.C++ newsgroup, cos it looks like a 
GCC item, but no joy.

Appreciate any suggestions or hints as to what to look for.

Steve Doody.

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