Newbie Question about Python as a language

Dave Brueck dave at
Thu Jul 29 22:07:17 CEST 2004

bruno modulix wrote:
> Dave Brueck a écrit :
>> Dave Guenthner wrote:
>>> Hello. I write a lot of small programs mostly in Visual Basic 6 or
>>> VBScript using WSH 5.6 for any number of purposes.  I am curious on
>>> what Python does that say Java doesn't do?
> (snip)
>>> For example, I would
>>> definetly need some type if Visual Development Environment.
>> If your development style _requires_ a visual dev environment then 
>> Python may not be for you - it doesn't have IDEs as mature as e.g. 
>> Microsoft Visual Studio. 
> It does :

Nope - that doesn't quite cut it. Granted, I may be misunderstanding 
what the OP is asking for, but I assume that since he was using VB and 
is asking about a *visual* development environment, he is probably 
looking for the ability to visually build GUIs (and have tight 
integration - auto-code generation for it and all).

AFAIK Visual Python doesn't have this - yeah it's a plugin for a more 
mature IDE, but it doesn't enjoy the same level of support in that IDE 
as e.g. C++. Other Python tools are getting there, but they aren't as 
mature yet.


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