Rationale for core Python numeric types

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Fri Jul 16 17:20:11 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-16, Matt Feinstein <nospam at here.com> wrote:

> But B evolved to standard C which, somewhat notoriously, takes
> a different approach. C declines to say, for example, exactly
> what 'short' and 'long' mean-- specifying constraints
> instead-- e.g., 'short' is not longer than 'long'. It's a
> compromise, but it works.

More recent versions of C have added integer types of known,
specific lengths.  Sort of.  For example, there are machines
where int8_t is longer than 8 bits, but they tend to be things
like DSPs rather than general use computers.

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