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Ville Vainio ville at
Thu Jul 29 05:48:06 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Desthuilliers <bdesth.quelquechose at> writes:

    >> Microsoft appears to be doing a good job undermining Java. It's
    >> hard to imagine Sun starting to sponsor a
    >> Python-for-Java-platform project.

    Bruno> Which BTW already exists...

Yes, of course, completely without support from Sun - and it's
starting to fall behind current CPython in features as well. Sun
wouldn't really need to do much - just donate some resources to get
Jython to match current CPython in features, and make a press release
or two mentioning that Sun is seriously supporting the use of Jython
on Java platform. 

It would be a minimal bet as far as their resources are concerned, and
the fact that they are not doing it suggests that it contradicts their
stategy of force feeding their COBOL variant on everyone.

Sometimes Sun Just Doesn't Get It. I would love to see IBM steal the
Java leadership away from Sun, which they speculate could happen if
Java was open sourced...

Ville Vainio

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