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Thu Jul 22 20:53:09 CEST 2004

vincent wehren wrote:

> Skulled2003 at wrote:
>>    I think i made a mistake in putting my question the way i did. 
>> When i said languages i meant, natural languages (English, French 
>> etc) and not programming languages.
>>   I am building an application with Tkinter as the GUI toolkit. Now 
>> in one of my dialogs, i want the user to have an option to retrieve 
>> some string in any language of his/her choice. So instead of 
>> providing a static list of different natural languages, i would 
>> prefer to present the user with only options which can be 
>> relaistically displayed on his/her system under the current settings 
>> without needing to have to download anything extra.
> Since you're using Tkinter bith Tkinter + Python know about Unicode, 
> you can
> basically *output* any known language without much problem (as long as 
> the OS has got a suitable
> font to render it).

I suppose it might make some sense for an application to have 
internationalization strings for a large list of languages, and then 
(for example) not offer the option of setting a language for which there 
is no appropriate font installed -- e.g., only allowing the user to 
select Chinese if the computer has fonts that support Chinese.

I don't believe that there's a good way to determine this, though, 
especially not in a cross-platform sort of way.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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