Bogus locales on Mac

Ellen Herzfeld xlii at
Thu Jul 15 18:57:25 CEST 2004

In article <m33c3tr02d.fsf at>, Michael Hudson
<mwh at> wrote:

> I suspect using some other method than the C libraries locale
> functions is necessary... something like CFStringCompare?  Dunno if
> Python wraps that, though.  Or maybe use PyObjC and NSSting's
> -compare:options:range:locale: method.

I suppose there must be some way around the problem using Mac specific
code, but I need my scripts to be portable with minimum hassle. They
may have to run on a Linux or FreeBSD server... 

I would like confirmation that I'm not missing something. Why would
Apple not use the standard C files for locales?


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