Python indentation

David Fraser davidf at
Tue Jul 13 10:01:05 CEST 2004

Antoon Pardon wrote:
> Op 2004-07-12, Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes schreef <kamikaze at>:
>>Antoon Pardon <apardon at>
>>>Before instructions like while, repeat etc
>>>existed, we could use the equivallent of an if combined with a goto
>>>and that worked fine too.
>>  Ah, so your plan is to return to those golden times with equally
>>incoherent block structures.
> There is nothing incoherent about the proposed structure. A break
> or continue in the middle of a loop is more like a goto and less
> structured than a loop with multiple exit conditions.
> The specific proposed syntax may be ugly, but that doesn't
> make the structure incoherent.

Not to you perhaps, just to those of us who replied to you in the thread.
Anyway I remain unconvinced, but feel free to produce a language like 
this if you want to.


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