setting icon using py2exe?

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Jul 1 08:26:42 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-01, simo <simoninusa2001 at> wrote:

>> I've done that.  The desktop icon and start menu icon are set
>> by InnoSetup, but the icon doesn't show up in the window
>> banner or in the task bar.  I was assuming that setting the
>> icon resource in the executable would fix that.
> No, you have to set the icon from wxPython for the TaskBar and
> window icon, py2exe only fixes the *executable's* icon (in
> Explorer).

It seems odd that by default Windows won't use the executable's
icon for its window.  But, a lot of things in Windows seem odd
to me...

> In your mainWindow(wx.Frame) do:
>   self.icon = wx.Icon("hellow.ico", wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ICO)
>   self.SetIcon(self.icon)

Yup, that does it.

> This works on Linux too (for window and Panel), which I was
> quite pleased with, especially as I didn't even do an XPM
> version, just the ICO file....

That's cool! It didn't even occur to me to try to use the .ico
file under Linux.

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