Python and KDE

Jim tiredofspam at
Fri Jul 23 18:57:16 CEST 2004

Dylan Parry wrote:

> Dan Sommers wrote:
>> Do you know about PyKDE?  (I don't know too much about it, except that
>> it exists, and you didn't mention it.)
> Oh, I had heard of it, but I thought it was just for creating KDE widgets
> using Python. After reading the homepage it seems to do a lot more... it
> looks blinking complicated too, so maybe I'll take a little while to mull
> it over :D

Ahem ...

PyKDE (and PyQt - both at can be used to
create anything from simple to very complex applications. The basic
framework for starting an app is a little non-obvious if you've never done
C++ coding with Qt or KDE, but there are several program templates provided
with PyKDE to make it easy to get started. Boudewijn Rempt's PyQt text is
also available online, which will give you an intro to programming with
both PyQt and PyKDE:

PyKDE was recently enhanced to make DCOP communication between programs
really easy to accomplish. Support for panel applets has been withdrawn
from PyKDE but will be appearing in the future in a separate set of
extensions, which will also include support for authoring KParts in Python,
IOSlaves, Control Center modules and other related stuff.

PyKDE is now also included in the KDE kdebindings package and is available
in KDE CVS (although KDE CVS lags the riverbank version by a little).
Indications are that that will allow PyKDE to appear in most major
distributions in the near future (PyQt and sip already do).

Having said all that, the "quick and dirty" suggestions up-thread are
probably a better way to solve the problem you originally posed.


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