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Hamilcar Barca <hamilcar at tld.always.invalid> wrote in message news:<20040707223402.258$ii at news.newsreader.com>...
> The majority of university students fail to recognize they're in school
> for an education; if they wanted job training, they should attend a
> technical training institute.  Here is a quote from a student in 1980:
> "FORTRAN is a dead language."
> Is FORTRAN dead?  No.
> Do I want to write more FORTRAN code?  No.
> Is Python the bestest language ever?  No.
> Do I want to write more Python code?  Sure.

One should not judge a programming language based on outdated

Fortran (not spelled with all caps since the 1990 standard) continues
to evolve. The 1990 standard added array functionality, modules (in
Fortran, 'use foo, only: boo' is equivalent to 'from foo import boo'
in Python) similar to that of Numeric or Numarray, the 1995 standard
added features for parallel programming such as pure and elemental
functions (similar to Python ufunc's), and the 2003 standard added OOP
with inheritance and interoperability with C.
There is a free Fortran 95 compiler for x86 Linux and Free BSD and Mac
OS X at http://www.g95.org .

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