Subclassing int for a revolving control number

Christopher T King squirrel at WPI.EDU
Tue Jul 20 20:33:30 CEST 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Calvin Spealman wrote:

> Personally, rather than all these suggestions of python-written classes or
> of itertools.cycle, I would like a C-extension module with something like
> this. All it would have to be is an actually C int value with no bounds
> checking. This would be usually for working with low-level data, like
> bitmaps or compressed data, where you can't have longs and where you need
> good performance on simple arithmetic.

numarray does this:

>>> from numarray import *
>>> array(254,UInt8)+4

It also greatly speeds up performance on the vector operations needed in 
processing bitmaps, etc.

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