HTTP Debugging Proxy

Fuzzyman michael at
Wed Jul 21 12:31:33 CEST 2004

Xavier Defrang has written an HTTP Debugging Proxy.
This message is basically for him - since he says on his website that
he inhabits this newsgroup.

I downloaded this and ran it , with the following result :
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "D:\Python Projects\cgiproxy\", line 34,
in ?
   signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, SIGALRM_handler)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SIGALRM'

Is this my fault or yours ? :-)
I am in a restricted internet environment and have to use an external 
CGI proxy to get unrestricted access. I would like to write a little 
server that will run on my machine (client) and transparently modify 
standard http requests to go via the CGI proxy....

My knowledge of http and tcp/ip protocols is little but growing... so
this should be an interesting exercise - if I can get it off the
ground at all.

My other problem is that my restricted internet access is already via
proxy - so I need to get the server to use that proxy and my browser
via my little serevr..... *sigh* (so merely changing the settings in
IE isn't enough - because then urllib2 and it's ilk won't correctly
pick up the squid proxy settings to make valid conenctions).



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