My Bank account EXPLODED

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My Bank account EXPLODED

Q: Can I really get over $50,000 every month?
A: Yes! Guaranteed

In less than 1 Week you can have your own Website like this one and start earning ....
and then watch your Bank account EXPLODE !!

"This ContagiousPlan plan is really contagious, once your start your friends and colleagues get infected with it they just don't stop"

Quick and easy sign-up... get your own webpage in under 1 Week!

This "Contagious Marketing" system works for you around-the-clock to bring you Fortune!

The Contagious nature of this system ensures that your Bank account will exponentially increase!

Your Bank Account Can Also Explode Like World Population.

Double a penny every day for a month and what do you get? Over one 10 Million $! That's the power of exponential growth, and the Internet is the one medium that can harness that power... for just $60!

ContagiousPlan fully exploits this phenomenon to help generate Fortune from your website!

So how does this system work?

Our system is similar to others you may have seen on the Internet with one major difference... our system guarantees Wealth through your website! The concept is simple; at the bottom of this page you will notice 6 members boxes.


When you sign up, you will receive a website just like this one with your Box in the #1 position! The member that was in the #1 position will move down to the #2 position, the 2nd to the #3 position, and so on with the 5th member being taken off of the page.

When someone signs up from your website, their membership will be placed in the #1 spot with you moving to the #2 spot, the 2nd moving down to the #3 spot and so on. By the time your position reaches the #5 spot, you will have noticed an amazing amount of Wealth earned!

How do I get guaranteed earning?

When someone signs up from your site, they must first click on your Box which will open a new window leading to your payment page.

Each Box will have to be clicked on to pay the 6 upliners

How much Wealth can I expect?

Lets be extremely conservative and assume that your webpage and everybody else's pages only get 10 sign-ups, when you reach 5th level it will look something like the calculation below:

10 people sign up from you:  1 x 10 =  Your earn 10 x $10=$100
10 people sign up from each of them:  10 x 10 =  Your earn 100 x $10=$1000
10 people sign up from each of them:  10 x 100 =  Your earn 1,000 x $10=$10,000
10 people sign up from each of them:  10 x 1,000 =  Your earn 10,000 x $10=$100,000
10 people sign up from each of them:  10 x 10,000 =  Your earn 100,000 x $10=$1,000,000
Total: 100+1000+10,000+100,000+1,000,000= $1,111,100

This system works amazingly well on the Internet. There is nothing to slow it down. You can setup your ContagiousPlan webpage today and have 5 or 10 sign-ups within a few days! With it being so easy to join you could literally have over 50,000 sites displaying your Box within a short time!

The system works extremely well so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic to your site!

We also provide FREE Tools to help promote your ContagiousPlan webpage! Ready to start receiving your Fortune ? Then follow the instructions below!


1. I don't really understand this. What exactly do you want me to do???

The steps to your success are simple:
First of all, ask yourself if you would like to make some extra money with little effort (anyone would want that, right?)

Second, if you answered yes to that, ask yourself this:
"Would you rather go it alone and have to do all the work to get a return on your investment OR would you rather work with a group of like minded people who help each other earn a return on their investment?"
If you answered yes to that, you should not hesitate to join us right away. Start from the Home Page, 1st pay your sponsor, the 1st member, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th member. Now you are ready to sign up.
When joining, you will be asked to choose which MLM opportunity downline builders (Sponsor) you would like to join. You can select any or search randomly.
After you have joined, you can just sit back and wait to see your downline grow, OR you can do some sponsoring yourself to move things along a lot faster!

2. I still think this is very suspicious
We are aware that this seems strange to most of you. You think that this is a pyramid scheme or a fraud that will make you lose your money. We do not collect the fees from members, set their guidelines or pay the commissions earned. Each member pays his upline directly without companies involvement.

Multi Level Marketing is a serious business strategy to put a company in great profit. By using a group of independent contactors they have a major savings on advertising. So, they pay YOU to advertise and sell their product for them. They use this savings to pay you a commission on your sales and the sales of your downline!

The majority of people that get involved in MLM or Network Marketing (95% is the latest figure published) don't  recruit a large enough downline to get a return on their investment. By gathering all the people that cannot sell or recruit, we end up with a huge mass of people who end up losing their investment. Here is where Contagious Plan enters. By banding together and helping each other, everyone can get a return on their investment with just a fraction of the work and cost it would take alone!  Everyone wins!

3. I don't see why I should join you


You will probably forget about us in a couple of days. You did NOT make any money and you did NOT lose any time. I guarantee you that you will be seeing our name around the net and our members talking about the club. Maybe the next time you see something about us you will decide that a little help would be nice. So you visit again and this time decide to sign up.

You visit our Home page, read the message board and see that other people are excited about what we offer. You wait for a few weeks but then you lose confidence in our system, so you leave. This time you did NOT make any money but you DID lose some time. Again in a few days you forget about Contagious Plan.

Then you see something about Contagious Plan again. You decide to give it another try. You visit the member's area, read the message board and mail a few people to hear their opinion about the club. You give it a little more time and suddenly you feel excited. No doubt about it, all these people are here to make money! And in the message board there are people who actually have made money and who participate again!

A couple of months pass and suddenly it's your turn to join the MLM company. You hesitate. Should you really risk the investment of say $12? After thinking it over, you decide to go for it. After all, $12 is not that much money these days.

Now comes the hardest part. Waiting for the members below you to join. This requires patience. They now need to wait for their downline to grow. You should try to help the members below you by answering their questions and easing their mind. If you did it, they can do it!

A couple of days will pass again. You begin to think that you were fooled and then suddenly... Pop! look into your mailbox. Excited you open it...$2 x 5=$10! in your PayPal account. You are stunned! Although the sum isn't big, you scream out loud because your initial investment is almost paid back. It worked! It really worked!

Quickly you telling others about Contagious Plan. Excitedly you write in the message board that you have got your first payment! "It really works, so now I'm going to join again!"

A couple of days later...Pop! ...$120! Gosh! Two weeks later...$200! "Sheezzaam! This really works! How could I ever doubt in this?!"

You can continue to go it alone and do all the hard work, invest all the time and money it takes to build a downline of eager opportunity seekers who also want to make an extra income OR you can at least check it out.

4. Why do I need you? Can't I join the MLM company directly?

Of course you can join any business opportunity you want without our assistance. If you are willing to continuously work countless hours convincing others to join under you to keep your downline filled. You will almost certainly fail and lose confidence in the network marketing method.

Contagious Plan helps you with the hardest part of sponsor people. When everyone who joins does just a little marketing everyday, everyone's downline stays filled! Everyone earns doing just a fraction of the work that the super salespeople have to do!

Each of us wanted to earn some extra income when we tried out our first MLM company. Because we were working alone we failed. That's why we started the club! We knew there had to be a better way. What if the 95% who would normally fail joined together to help each other SUCCEED?! Contagious Plan was born with this thought! We want to help YOU make money!

6. What if the company closes after 6 months? I don't believe any MLM company!

Normally, MLM companies fail when the growth stops and the revenue generated is far less than the Multi-Tier Payouts. Contagious Plan does not have any Payouts each member pays his upline directly, so there is no question of closing. We take only a part of your fee to keep the Website going and to cover the administration cost.

If you have done the little work needed to train your immediate downline to do what you did, you can watch as the members below you join and pay as well. Then you will start receiving $$$ from your downline!

If you choose to do nothing it will take a lot longer to fill your downline. But hey, you did nothing, so why complain? You never have to do anything except for paying the fee when invited to join under your upline member.

7. This looks like a pyramid scheme to me. How can you say it is legal?

Pyramid schemes or chain letters are illegal. Contagious Plan is NOT one of those. Contagious Plan is a Downline building Club. We help you build downlines with interested people who want to join the MLM companies.

In a pyramid scheme you buy yourself a position in a network in order to make money and the company offers no product. The way you make money is to get other people to join under you and get them to get others to join under them, without getting a product.

goto and start making money now!!

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