Recommendations for books on Python and XML

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Tue Jul 27 12:37:39 CEST 2004

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 enjoylife> Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for Python/XML
 enjoylife> books. had 2 relevant books, Python&XML by Christopher
 enjoylife> Jones (from O'Reilly) and XML processing with Python by Sean
 enjoylife> McGrath.The O'Reilly book seemed to have better reviews.

 enjoylife> But it concerns me that both books are rather old! Does anyone
 enjoylife> have any newer references? Otherwise does the relative age of the
 enjoylife> books (+3 years) really matter?

Python has SAX and DOM. Since they are language independent standards, you
could use any XML documentation for programming and then check some Python
manuals (like The XML
documents are normally for Java, but I guess there is no big difference.

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