Simple question

wasian_god wasian_god at
Sat Jul 10 11:49:31 CEST 2004

yea im knew to python, and i kno this is a very simple question. im 
trying to make a shell dat first says I want a cookie. Then it waits 
for the user to input the word cookie. while cookie is not inputted 
a timer counts down and at the end it prints out I want a cookie 
again. The timer then gets shorter. Heres what i have so far...

print "I want a cookie!"

m = 10
y = m
gave = 0

if y == 0:
	print "I want a cookie!"
	m = m-1
	y = m

if gave == 1:
        print "Thank you! That is much better."
        y = y-1

I have tried a lot of other stuff so dont think this is what i 
started out with. but this is what i have now, any help would be 
appreciated so i can start gettin this whole "programming" stuff 

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