Python and Glade-2

R?ben Gon?alves ruben_gonc at
Mon Jul 26 19:50:07 CEST 2004

"P. Jouin" <Pascal.jouin at> wrote in message news:<ce1agf$qeu$1 at>...
> I work with Linux Mandrake10 and KDE. I have compiled and install :
> Python 2.3.4
> pygtk-2.2.0
> Glade2 2.6.0
> My problem is : I want to know what can i do for having Python in the
> Language of general option for generate my project .
> I have only C, C++ and Ada95 ???
> Thanks (and sorry for my english)

just writte thw code in a separated file and use the xml created by
glade as Markus Bertheau said...  is impossible to add the python to
the list because glade don't have natural support for this ...

this is what i think ... i am new .. or something..
if you don't know how to work with the gtk you have to learn .. try
the tutorial!!

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