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Piet wrote:
> chris <chris at misery.net> wrote in message news:<FeXDc.65428$Np3.3095123 at ursa-nb00s0.nbnet.nb.ca>...
>>Is there any good wxPython tutorial besides the one on the man site?
> I have started to program in wxPython six months ago and I can still
> remember the first few weeks. The lack of documentation is, in my
> opinion, a real drawback. THere are some tutorials available on the
> wxpython.wiki, but these do not go really far. What I missed (and
> still miss) is some kind of reference that does not only describe the
> syntax and options for the widget constructors and the different
> methods available for each widget (this information can be retrieved
> from the wxWidgets documentation and the sample programs) but a more
> detailed reference explaining how all these things work together (e.g.
> how one can link a data object to a cell of a wxGrid and when this is
> useful/necessary). I just bought the german book "python ajd gui
> toolkits", but 100 p. for wxPython (version 2.3) does not seem to be
> appropriate. It might be good to decide what GUI toolkit you want, but
> not enough to master ist when you have made your decision.
> At the very beginning, it would have even helped me to know that the
> samples from the main "demo" program can not be simply executed by
> copying the source code to another file, but that the sample scripts
> are available in a "stand-alone" version in the "demo"-directory in
> the wxPython installation directory.
> Maybe someone will write a book on that topic...
> Piet

It's a work in progress, but Joey deVilla is posting a series of 
articles aimed at the wxPython beginner on his blog. Take a look at;


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