Printing on Windows

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Jul 19 10:16:14 CEST 2004

| Okay, this should be simple.  I have a module that prints to a Windows
| printer using the win32print module.  I know how to enumerate printers
| and forms, start a document, select a font, print some text, 
| end the page,
| and end the document; I even know how to abort a document, though I
| doubt I'll need to.
| What I want to know is, how do I specify what size paper I 
| want to print on?

Unfortunately, this seems to be more difficult than you
might like. When I last looked into it, I gave up trying
and cheated (by turning an image round rather than trying
to select Landscape).

Kevin Cazabon did do some work in this area (Google for
ImagePrintWin) but his domain seems to have lapsed. Also,
Roger Burnham -- probably more usefully for you at the
moment -- has some examples on his page:


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