lisp is winner in DOM parsing contest! 8-]

Frank Buss fb at
Mon Jul 12 15:04:25 CEST 2004

"Alex Mizrahi" <udodenko at> wrote:

> so lisp is winner.. but it has not standard way (even no non-standard
> but simple) way to write binary IEEE floating point representation, so
> common lisp suck and i will use c++ for my task.. 8-]]]

This is a silly reason. You can integrate a C program for this, if you 
like, but Common Lisp has the function INTEGER-DECODE-FLOAT, which you can 
use for this, see for example this listing:

But you need not to use this little complicated function, because CLISP has 
the non-standard function EXT:WRITE-FLOAT, which "writes a floating-point 
number in IEEE 754 binary representation":

I assume other Lisp implementations have something similiar.

Frank Buß, fb at,

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