OptionMenu Look

Martin mmiller at tx3.com
Mon Jul 12 03:18:25 CEST 2004

I'd like to change the way the button that appears in an OptionMenu
instance, but have been umable to figure out how to do this. The
default constructor won't allow you to pass an 'image=" keyword.

The standard visual I am talking about is displayed as basically a
small rectangle drawn in relief inside a larger one. I'd like to
replace that with something like a downward pointing arrowhead.

I tried creating a OptionMenu-like class of of my own that would allow
the 'image' keyword to be passed on to the base Widget class, but that
only resulted in the substitute button image appearing next to the
default one instead replacing it --  which makes me suspect that the
standard one is hardcoded somewhere in the lower levels, perhaps in
the tk or tcl libraries themselves.

Thanks in advance,

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