An idea.

Chris S. chrisks at
Sat Jul 24 09:56:11 CEST 2004

winlinchu at wrote:

> Hi!
> I use Python, and writing some extension modules I think which could
> be written an
> C compiler, useful only to compile extension modules (I not think an
> GCC!!!!), so that the user not have to use GCC, Microsoft Visual C++,
> or other.
> It must have an common API to all platforms, even if obviously the
> implementation is various.
> Could be write in 100% Python pure.
> It is a bad idea?

What's the point? What's wrong with GCC? It's fast, comprehensive, and 
supported on all major platforms. Unless it solves a specific task, like 
Pysco or SWIG, it's purpose will be merely academic.

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