Visual Studio not installed

Nick Smallbone nick at
Tue Jul 13 23:09:24 CEST 2004

"Darren Dale" <dd55 at> wrote in message
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>   > Linux systems all come with C compilers.  Windows systems don't.  Of
> > course on a Linux system, the Python you use will not have been
> > compiled with Visual Studio, so disutils won't claim that it was (it's
> > telling you the truth on WIndows, though).  I hope that answers your
> > question, because I'm not sure what it was <wink>.
> Your right, I'm not sure what I was asking either. I forgot that linux
> versions would not be compiled by Visual Studio. (I've been sick and not
> sleeping). I wonder if the windows version could be compiled with a free
> C-compiler?

Should be - MinGW or Cygwin should work. I've compiled it with Watcom before
( And you can get the compiler of Visual C++
without the IDE -

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