Python Poker

Gabriel Cooper gabriel.cooper at
Fri Jul 23 16:04:58 CEST 2004

Jeff Sandys wrote:

>Most ISPs provide some web space on their server, just ftp it 
>to your web space (like, you 
>are paying for the space with the isp account, why not use it.
>I look forward to trying out your program.
First, top-posting is confusing in newsgroups and mailing lists, try to 
bottom post when replying.

Second, the main difference I see right off between him posting to his 
ISP's webspace versus is that sourceforge is a permanent 
host. What happens if he changes ISPs after moving across town? No more 
web space. He wouldn't even have access to the old site to redirect, it 
would just be gone.

>RPM1 wrote:
>>I have written a Texas Hold'em Poker program in Python
>>and I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how
>>to make it available for people to download it?  Since I don't
>>plan on charging anything for the program, I don't want to pay
>>anything for the downloading solution.
>>The program allows you to play Texas Hold'em against 9
>>configurable computer opponents.  I still need to add some
>>options and improve the AI, but it is already quite playable.
>>Thanks in advance,

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