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> >>> For example, I would
> >>> definetly need some type if Visual Development Environment.
> >>
> >> <snip>
> >>
> Nope - that doesn't quite cut it. Granted, I may be misunderstanding
> what the OP is asking for, but I assume that since he was using VB and
> is asking about a *visual* development environment, he is probably
> looking for the ability to visually build GUIs (and have tight
> integration - auto-code generation for it and all).
> AFAIK Visual Python doesn't have this - yeah it's a plugin for a more
> mature IDE, but it doesn't enjoy the same level of support in that IDE
> as e.g. C++. Other Python tools are getting there, but they aren't as
> mature yet.
> -Dave

If you need a RAD development environment that's capable of doing both
console and GUI apps, take a look a Boa Constructor and Pythoncard.  Both
these projects are located on Source Forge.  Do a google search to get the
exact URLs.

Boa is designed a to be a bit like Delphi, while PythonCard is patterned
after Apple's Hypercard.  Both products are under active development, both
use wxWidgets, and both can be used for cross-platform development.

There are other windowing API's in use also.  It's worth noting that Borland
has invested in and is moving toward providing hooks to wxwidgets in their
product lines.

You can also use IDLE which comes with the Python Download, and
tkinter(Python's "standard" windowing interface to tcl/tk) which is also
included with the d/l, or Eric3 or drPython, or. . .

Do a google search on this newsgroup for IDE or editors.  Lots of stuff
here! :-)


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