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Dietmar Schwertberger dietmar at
Tue Jul 27 22:58:29 CEST 2004

In article <ce5rgo$ffk$1 at>, Paul Sweeney
<URL:mailto:reverse.ku.oc.issolok at> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a working (python) https proxy which allows viewing of
> unencrypted data being sent from my browser to an https site?
> I've worked my way through most on the list at
>, but while many claim to support
> https, if you actually point your browser at the proxies, they work fine for
> http, but not for https pages.

I wrote a http proxy server some time ago to use Netscape/Firefox for
homebanking through the modem connection of my RISC OS computer (I don't
like connecting my Windows PC to the internet....).
I don't think a simple proxy server will help you at all as it just waits
for the browser connecting, receives a "CONNECT ..." request, builds the 
requested connection and then just passes on the data between the browser
and the website until the connection is closed from either side ...

Anyway it's available from my homepage; it's in the RISC OS additions
archive - the name is SSLRelay.



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