Non GPL Python MySQL Client Library.

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Jul 2 00:15:12 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:
>>>>>>"Francois" == François Pinard <pinard at> writes:
>     Francois> Libraries are commodities, but so is a lot of
>     Francois> non-library software.
> Yep, but you generally don't link with non-library software, you just
> use it. "Using" a library is essentially linking with it, so a GPL'd
> library sucks for the user, while a GPL'd program guarantees for the
> user that it will remain free. The user of a GPL'd program is not
> required to give anything back.
>     Francois> free software, there are other good free software
>     Francois> licenses too.  But the GPL is not "wrong", and
>     Francois> developers are not "bad" because they choose it.
> They are not "bad", they just want to profit through dual-licensing
> the library with a commercial license. It's an entirely valid and
> succesful business model. And, as always, the sucker is the one who's
> paying, not the one who's asking.

Where it hurts with MySQL is those designing multi-database applications.


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