ANN: pyXSLdoc 0.67

christof hoeke csad7 at
Mon Jul 12 19:58:25 CEST 2004

what is it
An application to produce documentation for XSLT files in XHTML format, 
similar to what javadoc does for Java files.

v0.67 is a minor update release.

changes since the last release
New option --bottom to include a fixed text below the bottom navigation. 
Some bugfixes.
See for a complete list of changes.

download pyXSLdoc v0.67 - 040712 from

pyXSLdoc needs
* Python 2.3 (tested with Python 2.3.4 on Windows XP only)
* Pyana (tested with Pyana 0.9.1 only)
* Docutils (tested with Docutils 0.3 only)

Copy the XSLT files to document in a directory below pyXSLdoc (you could 
also give the complete path to your files but that would end up like 
that in the documentation). Then start the documentation process with

 >python DIRNAMES FILENAMES [options]

     directories with XSLT files to document,e.g. dir1 dir2
All directories and XSLT files below a given directory will be 
processed, so you can just use your XSLT package main directory name or 
use option -s.
     single XSLT files to document, e.g. file1.xsl path/file2.xsl

      sourcepath to XSLTs, all XSLT files under this path will be 
documented and ``$SOURCEPATH/doctitle.txt`` and 
``$SOURCEPATH/overview.txt`` will be used for the overview. 
Alternatively you might also simply list all dirs and XSLT files to 
-j, --javadoc, --htmldocs
     process comments in Javadoc style (XHTML and @tags). Default is 
reStructuredText (ReST).

-dDOCPATH, --docpath=DOCPATH
     documentation target directory. Default is ``./_xsldoc``

     browser window title for the documentation. Text only, no markup.
     include the contents of this ReST .txt file below the bottom 
navigation. Default is "$SOURCEPATH/bottom.txt".
     show the contents of this ReST .txt file at the top of the overview 
page. Default is ``$SOURCEPATH/doctitle.txt``. If ommitted or no file is 
found, WINDOWTITLETEXT is used.
     show the contents of this ReST .txt file on the overview page. 
Default is ``$SOURCEPATH/overview.txt``
     show the information of this ReST .txt file on the help page. 
Default is ``./HELP.txt``.
      encoding of additional documenting ReST files (HELP.txt, 
doctitle.txt, overview.txt, directory.txt etc.). Default is utf-8. 
(Encoding of XSLT files and comments in these is of course read from the 
XSLT file itself.)

-r, --removedocs
     remove all comments from given XSLTs and save results in 
     path where XSLTs will be saved after removing of all docs. Only 
used when option ``--removedocs`` is given. Default directory is 

-v, --verbose
     show more detailed information while generating the documentation

thanks for the interest. any comment is appreciated
christof hoeke
pyxsldoc a t   c the dot . de

<P><A HREF="">pyXSLdoc 0.67</A> - generate 
XSLT documentation (12-Jul-04)

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