Tell if Win2000 or XP is inactive

Bart Nessux bart_nessux at
Thu Jul 15 16:59:13 CEST 2004

I suggested this as well... the auditors say no. They want the users 
logged out. I may push for this again though.

Larry Bates wrote:
> Why not just use screensaver that begins after your
> "unused/inactive" time period and check the On resume,
> password protect" box (XP).  They have to log back in to
> do anything.  Doesn't really log them "out", but if they
> have applications loaded, logging them out is going to
> be difficult (e.g. what do you do with any dialogs that
> may appear asking about unsaved work) and may not be what
> you really want.  This should "protect" the unattended
> machine (which is what the auditors want) and your users.
> HTH,
> Larry Bates
> Syscon, Inc.
> "Bart Nessux" <bart_nessux at> wrote in message
> news:cd63c7$1bq$1 at
>>Auditors want us to log out a user if the computer they are logged onto
>>has been unused/inactive for a set period of time. It's trivial to
>>logout the user, but we're having trouble telling if the system is
>>indeed inactive. If we could learn that information, then we'd need to
>>measure how long it has been like this so we can all the logout
>>function. How might this determination and measurement be approached?
>>We're using Python 2.3.x w/o Mr. Hammonds extra Windows extensions. We
>>do not want to install the win32 extensions.

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