VB(ish) replacement

Doug Holton insert at spam.here
Sat Jul 24 18:24:52 CEST 2004

Nick J Chackowsky wrote:
>>> 5. IDE and ability to graphically design windows.
>    Regarding point 5: I'm another VBer, and the language itself 
> notwithstanding, I *love* VB's design & code IDE. Is there, in fact, 
> anything comparable for Python?

Probably the closest thing would be QT Designer, which you can use with 
PyQT.  But to use that on Windows you'll need to purchase the IDE from 
BlackAdder or else directly from Trolltech.  It is free to use on Linux 
(and see the free eric3 IDE for that platform).  Here are some PyQT 
resources: http://developers.coedit.net/QtKde

I'd still probably recommend wxpython for Windows development though.

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