Using Python traceback info from C/C++.

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Mon Jul 12 11:46:05 CEST 2004

Jeff Holle <jeff.holle at> wrote in 
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> I've seen numerous examples of how to obtain part of this info.  They 
> basically all start with a call to PyErr_Fetch.
> This function takes 3 args, the last being traceback.  All of them do 
> not use this variable.
> In looking at Python 2.3.3's C API, I haven't found any functions that 
> seem to help it obtaining the traceback information.
> Have I missed something?

You obtain the traceback information by calling PyErr_Fetch. The third 
argument to PyErr_Fetch is a pointer to a PyObject* that will be filled in 
with the traceback information.

Once you have a traceback object you can manipulate it using the functions 
in the traceback module.

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