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Hi Holger Joukl,
            Thanks for the replyye,yes,I am using HPUX OS 11.23.But i am
having that file /usr/local/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload/select.sl,but not with
extension of .py or .pc,with .sl,it is present.Also all files in
lib-dynload/are with the extension of .sl.I found at a FAQ,may be read
premision may not be available,so problem arrives for selcet module..But i
checked it,read permission is there for that file.

This is the link of that FAQ,

Please help me to solve,this problem.How to get the seelct module,can be
added to my Python,any ideas.......

With Thanks,
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when building python, were there any messages about the select module?
Is there a
in your python installation?
In my experience, missing modules result from not finding certain system
libraries during the build process, which might be cured modifying some
paths in the setup.py script (see earlier posts like "compiling Python
2.3.3 Solaris 9 x86 question").
But I am on a solaris box and I think you mentioned you are using HP Unix?


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