Python indentation

Xavier Combelle xavier_combelle at
Thu Jul 8 13:02:07 CEST 2004

Sateesh wrote:
> If you are used to coding in vi editor, it supports C (or for that matter
> any language that uses braces) well. I feel the biggest advantage of using
> braces is that I can know the start and end of the block of code, and this
> becomes important if the code block is big and does not fit your screen. All
> I need to do is to place the cursor on the { or } and press the key
> combination shift+%. This will show the start and the end brace for that
> block. And if there is an error, you will clearly know that using this key
> combination. I have been using this method all the time, and it proved to be
> really effective.

IMO, shift+% is very useful in C. That's why I prefer editing C code 
with vi. But the point is that since I use Python I never had any 
problems to understand where is the begin and the end of the current 
block. I suppose it's because Python is far more concise and help to 
factor the code.
I prefer wonderful editor options when they are not necessary.


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