Catch occasional exceptions - curses

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jul 29 00:37:31 CEST 2004

Thomas Lindgaard wrote:

> Hello
> I'm almost done with my webcrawler with a nice curses interface. But every
> once in a while an exception is thrown and not caught, and because of the
> use of curses I can't figure out which exceptions are thrown and from
> where.
> Is the a way to catch all exceptions not handled elsewhere and print them
> to my log window? IE. something like:
> if __name__ == 'main':
>   try:
>     # the whole program (more or less)
>   except CatchAllExceptionsInSomeMagicWay:
>     printExceptionToLog()


Variations on that using other functions in the traceback
module are easy...

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