[wxPython] Validator for TxtCtrl to trigger with a custom Button handler

Lo?c Mah? loic.mahe at free.fr
Thu Jul 22 10:11:47 CEST 2004

Your solution does not seem work, at least on my system!
Does it works on your system ?

I got a message telling me that:

_myTextCtrl / self.tc has no Validate attribute

I have:
python 2.3.4
wxpython 2.5.1

I finnaly got a kind of ugly workaround to call the Validate() function:

I had to replace:
if self.Validate():

if self.tc.GetValidator().Validate(self.tc):

I find this quite ugly and not pythoninc at all,
but this is the only solution I found yet!


"F. GEIGER" <franz.geiger at fh-vorarlberg.ac.at> wrote in message news:<40fe5226$0$17706$3b214f66 at aconews.univie.ac.at>...
> def _onButton_(self, event):
>    success = self._myTextCtrl.Validate()
>    return
> self is the Frame here. _onButton_ therefore belongs to the frame and was
> bound with wx.Button.Bind.

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